Kneading Dough: Hand Kneading vs. Machine Kneading

As far as kneading bread dough is concerned, modern technology has clearly given us a lot of options. You can use the old-fashioned hand kneading method as it requires no special machinery or equipment. Alternatively, you can opt for a proper bread maker that can ease up the process even more. Kneading is an art and everyone can’t do it necessarily. Even experts make mistakes while kneading the perfect dough. Here is an apt comparison of both the kneading processes:

Hand Kneading:

Hand kneading is a very tricky business. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this method. The first and foremost thing that hand kneading does is removing any external machinery. You don’t need electricity or special tool to use hand kneading. This makes hand kneading a promising option for kneading dough.

Even if hand kneading doesn’t require extra machinery, it does require a lot of practice. No one can make the perfect dough in the first go. You have to worry about many things like wrist actions, the amount of water to put in and the texture of the dough, which can’t be done by a layman easily. And in case you are skilled at it, you might make the perfect dough but only 2 out of 3 times.

The quantity of water is really important as it ensures that the dough doesn’t get dry and mealy. Dry dough is really difficult to bake or make chapattis with and this is a really huge problem that comes with hand kneading.

Kneading each and every type of dough is different as well. So, you can’t just keep the amount of water and the way of kneading same for all ingredients. With hand kneading, you would have to learn all the tricks of kneading before you get into the process.

Machine Kneading:

Machine kneading solves all kneading problems of hand kneading. It is done by an Atta and Bread Maker and this appliance is totally automatic. You just need to add the ingredients and the appliance would take care of the rest.

Atta makers come with several preset program menus that solve the problem of learning how to make dough for a variety of breads and also the amount of heat and baking required for each. You just need to add the ingredients and select the pre-program menu. The machine automatically mixes and kneads the dough.

This process is way more hygienic as well. With hand kneading, you actually touch the dough with your bare hands. No matter how much you wash your hands, some germs make their way through. With machine kneading, there is no hand work involved. The parts of the machine do the automatic kneading and mixing. With no hand involvement, you can be assured that germs would have no way to enter the dough.

When you knead the dough by hand, you do that in the open and pollutants in the air can also easily make their way in. Machine kneading solves that problem as well.

The best part about these machine kneaders is that you really don’t need to worry about the process of kneading. You can make a variety of breads from French bread to brown bread and the dough would be created without any hassle and that too perfectly.

These appliances are easy to clean and store. They are easily detachable, which adds to the hygiene of the dough made using them. The design is pretty user friendly, so you won’t have any usage problem either.

Machine kneading is the kneading of the present and the future. With several advancements in technology, machine kneading is definitely the way to go for all households.

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